Online Casinos in the State of West Virginia

Here you can find the best list of online casinos licensed by the state of West Virginia.

We are currently pending vendor license in West Virginia, you can still access the sites in the list beneath, however they are not affiliated to us in any way.

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West Virginia Casino List
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The state of West Virginia passed a bill in March 2019 called the West Virginia Interactive Lottery Wagering Act. This bill allowed for a certain amount of online gaming for the first time since 2006, when it became legally difficult to operate online casinos in the US. So, in the state of West Virginia, online casinos are brand spanking new.

The legislation also allows for legal online sportsbooks, which have been a long time coming in the state of West Virginia. In fact, at the time of this writing, there are now several active sportsbooks running in the state.

Carefully hand-picked online casinos

The current legislation in effect allows for each of West Virginia’s five licensed brick and mortar casinos to operate online casinos through a special licensing process. The West Virginia Lottery regulates and monitors all online gaming activity, including online casinos and sportsbooks.

It’s worth noting that West Virginia is only the fifth state in the country to pass one of these bills allowing for a legal framework for online casinos within its boundaries. It is joined by New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Michigan.

Legal casinos in West Virginia

At the current moment, only four online casinos are fully operational in West Virginian territory. Here is a quick list of the four:

  • Draft Kings Casino launched on July 15, 2020
  • Bet Rivers WV Casino launched in April 2021
  • Fan Duel Casino launched in May 2021
  • Bet MGM Casino launched in 2018

The next launch of an online casino within the state of West Virginia is probably going to be Golden Nugget Casino. This is because they have already announced that they are working on a deal with a brick-and-mortar casino partner in West Virginia.

Gambling at West Virginia online casinos

The state of West Virginia has also established minimum gambling ages. This is 18 for bingo, racing games and lottery games, and21 for sportsbooks and online casinos.

Another bill is in the works in West Virginia, which would expand the number of sportsbooks regardless of the number of brick-and-mortar casinos. However, it is not sure whether the bill will pass or not.

Picking the perfect West Virginia online casino

The best way to choose which casino is the right one for you if you are a (possibly new) West Virginia player is to decide what exactly are the things that are most important to you individually as a player. Once you, as a savvy and informed player, understand fully what your criteria are, you can then start to determine which of the available casinos best fit that criteria.

A quick summary of criteria for West Virginia online casinos

  • How important are the different types of online casino bonuses to you as a player? Many players don’t really care much one way or another about online casino bonuses; others live for them and seek them out actively. Others are looking for a specific type or kind of online casino bonus. You as a player will have to decide for yourself, perhaps using a scale of 1 to 10, how important this aspect of playing is to you.
  • Corollary to this, you will have to decide as a player what types of bonuses are the most important to you. There are welcome bonuses, both of the deposit and no deposit variety.
  • Does the casino have a VIP or a loyalty program of any sort, size shape or form? What kind of terms do they offer for this? Is this in line with what you as a player are looking for?
  • Savvy players take the time to thoroughly analyze their own taste in online casino games. For example, some are looking for massive variety; others are more concerned about a few quality games. Others have preferred game providers. Match the offerings of games in an online casino provider up to your own tastes and see how well they perform.
  • Do you currently have a preferred payment method? Once again, it’s extremely important to perform some basic due diligence and be sure that the payment methods you desire are found in the list of approved payments in an online casino in which you want to be a player. Once again, there is a corollary to this. Players are strongly advised at all times and in every single case to be smart and thoroughly read the terms and conditions of an online casino. This especially includes an online casino’s policy on timeframes for deposits and withdrawals. This also may make you take a good look at what should be your preferred method of payment.
  • ·Are you happy with the way the site looks? This includes the graphics, color scheme, animations, sounds, etc. Will you be comfortable playing over long periods of time, if you do desire?
  • ·Does the online casino in which you are interested in as a player have a good live casino section? Do they have the specific live game or array of games you want to play?
  • ·Does the online casino have its own sportsbook attached to it? If it doesn’t, does it have a partnership with a good sportsbook?

Another great strategy is, if you are a player, to directly email online casinos with your suggestions. This would be a great idea, for example, if an online casino in West Virginia has a lot of features that you like, but is missing something important for you personally.

Much of the time, online casino and gaming providers are incredibly sensitive to their customers’ needs. They will tend to take the time to read your reasonable requests and take them into consideration.

This strategy can be surprisingly effective; simply make your voice heard, or “ask, and it will be given to you.”

Pros and cons of playing at a West Virginia online casino

The pros at this moment appear to definitely outweigh the cons of being able to gamble in West Virginia right now when compared to other localities in the United States:

Pros of West Virginia casinos

  • Bonuses are very generous in West Virginia casinos
  • West Virginia offers a wide range of gambling options, including multi-player online poker, which is rare in the US
  • Playing within West Virginia’s legal online casinos allows you to stay legal
  • When you play with a legal West Virginia casinos, your online safety and security are much greater

Cons of West Virginia casinos

  • Players and casino providers alike will have to pay taxes on their winnings
  • Players’ options are still quite limited, with only four casinos available legally at this time

As has been stated earlier, the selection of casinos has lots of room to grow legally and is likely to greatly increase in the near future. Therefore, the pros will probably be trending towards vastly outweighing the cons.

Playing at a West Virginia casino

Aside from the actual selection of casinos legally available online, the experience of online gaming within West Virginia is very much the same as it would be anywhere else in the US or in the world.

Since there are really no restrictions on what kind of games can be on offer, players can expect to see the full repertoire of online games available at online casinos in West Virginia they would see anywhere else.

Will content be tailored for West Virginia players?

This is especially important for online casino providers that already have a worldwide presence and do business in several countries. These are casinos like, for example, DraftKings, and the upcoming Golden Nugget. These casinos already have built-up infrastructure which will be used.

Casinos that will be custom-made for the West Virginia market could easily be a totally different story. It will be interesting to see what kind of model they will employ.

It’s entirely possible that these providers will opt for a Costco or Walmart type approach, where they will offer players in West Virginia a bit of everything they can possibly offer. It’s also possible that they will and customize an online casino for West Virginians’ interests, trying to guess what will be the biggest ‘hits’ with their player base.

However, there is one area in which every region differs (often greatly) from other regions in the world of online gambling: online casino bonuses.

Online casino bonuses in West Virginia

West Virginia’s online casino bonuses, at the time of this writing, seem to be among the biggest and best bonuses out of any casino bonuses seen in the USA to date. Of course, this is constantly changing, and nearby in Michigan, there are also some eye-popping generous offers on the table right now.

Players are advised to look for an “instant bonus” offer, where you can bet as little as $1 and possibly get up to $50 in return in free casino money. The best part of this offer is that it’s good for any game whatsoever within their casino.

This type of offer would also be a great offer to take up for players who are just getting their feet wet in West Virginia’s online casinos. In terms of risk for return, it is extremely, generous, in fact.

What games to play at West Virginia online casinos

The following is just a quick run-down of what people can play at online casinos in West Virginia. It is offered primarily for new and prospective players who may just now be getting into the iGaming world due to its recently being made legal in West Virginia

Live casinos and poker

Both live casinos and live poker are up and running online fully in the state of West Virginia.

This is an exciting part of the industry with what is considered to be massive growth potential. As such, considering the room to grow in West Virginia, live offerings are expected to grow even that much more exponentially.

Also, often players may want to place bets online but are not interested really in traditional casino offerings. Some players may prefer to bet on sports.

Sportsbooks at West Virginia online casinos

As previously mentioned, sportsbooks in West Virginia are completely legal, and the sportsbook industry is burgeoning. In this case, it has even surged ahead of online casinos, allowing for more offerings to the player.

West Virginia’s sportsbook legislation is remarkably free of unnecessary caveats and restrictions. As the previous section mentions, online poker with multiple players is perfectly acceptable in the state of West Virginia, for example.

Likewise, West Virginia’s sportsbook players will be happy to find that there will be no similar restrictions on their activities when they go to place their wagers.

Players in West Virginia will find that all the familiar betting options available to them (over/under etc.) will be available to them on their online sportsbooks as well.

And, of course, online sportsbooks tend to have vastly greater coverage than their traditional counterparts. So, a full range of esports will be represented, as well as traditional sports the world over.

Online slots

These are simply online versions of famous slot machines, often copied directly from the originals. They often have adventure, Ancient Egyptian, or classic fruit-based themes.

Many of them feature jackpots, often a type of jackpot called a progressive jackpot shared among several slots. These jackpots keep building until they are won.

There are also often new variations on the online slots idea, such as the famously branded Megaways slots, which are volatile and often have many different ways to pay out, sometimes even going well into the millions of paylines.

Video poker

These games are remakes of classic video poker games that started to appear all over the world in brick-and-mortar locations starting in the 1980s. There are a bunch of different variations, as well, of these nostalgic games.

In video poker, you don’t play against others, nor do you play against the computer, but rather you play against a paytable. You, the player, will get a payout depending on how good your hand is.

Table games

Online table games started out simply as online versions of popular table games from the brick-and-mortar world. Many of these games have been around for centuries. In some cases, they have even been around for millennia.

In recent years, many unique variations of these classics have started to come to the fore in online casinos. This is because we are able to take advantage of modern technology to alter the games. For example, there are often ‘lightning’ versions of table games like baccarat and roulette now. These games move at a pace a live dealer could never keep up with in the real world.

You can also play versions with rules from all over the world in online casinos, switching around as your desires dictate as a player.

Using a mobile device for online casinos in West Virginia

These days, using a mobile device anywhere on Earth to play at online casinos has never been easier. West Virginia is no exception to this rule.

All four of West Virginia’s online casinos are highly adapted for mobile use, either in the form of a dedicated app or of a web interface that has been optimized for mobile use. West Virginia’s mobile-based gamers will enjoy every bit of the same good graphics and smoothness of gameplay that they would have had on any computer.

It’s worth making a note here: more and more, the trend has been for online casino providers to move away from dedicated apps and instead go towards optimizing web interfaces.

There are a lot of good reasons for this. It makes the development cycle for an online casino shorter, cheaper, and, at the same time, assures higher quality. Also, it avoids the over-proliferation of apps on users’ devices, which is one of the major complaints of phone users worldwide.

Conclusions regarding online casinos in West Virginia

The state of West Virginia is on the cusp of something exciting.

So far, the industry has seen very strong success, especially considering it is just getting started and the offerings for players these days are still relatively few.

Critics point to potential tax burdens having a chilling effect on the industry. While this is always a concern for any business enterprise, online casinos have proven to be resilient, despite any and all tributary concerns. It should also be noted that West Virginia’s tax liabilities are lower than those of other states, which have opened up to online gaming.

The West Virginia legislation making this all possible is considered by many to be one of the most well-written and intelligent. It also appears to allow for potentially explosive new growth without further legal issues or the need for amendments to be tacked on to existing legislation.

To sum up, West Virginia could have an even brighter future as far as online gaming goes than many other states in the union.


This FAQ contains a few of the more often-asked questions regarding how to participate in legal online gaming within the territory of the state of West Virginia:

Are there legal online casinos in West Virginia?

As of March 2019, there is a legal framework in West Virginia that allows for the operation, regulation, and oversight of online gambling, including, of course, online casinos.
There are now several sportsbooks and a limited amount of online casinos that have already started to take advantage of this breath of fresh air of new legislation.
Many more online casinos (and sportsbooks and similar) are expected to come online in the coming months and years, which will increase competition and greatly benefit the consumer.

Can I play in West Virginia online casinos from outside West Virginia?

You can actually play in West Virginia’s online casinos from outside of West Virginia, but the option to play for real money will be disabled.
In order to play for real money, you must be registered with the casino as a resident of West Virginia, and also be physically located within West Virginia’s territory.
So, for example, if you are on a road trip, and cross the state line in a vehicle from West Virginia to Virginia, you will lose the ability to play in those casinos for real money. The moment you can make it back to West Virginia, you will be able to play for real money once again.

What is the best online casino in West Virginia?

First off, it should be noted that there are only four online casinos in the state of West Virginia legally operating, as of the time of this writing. Secondly, even among this shortlist, the answer to this question is subjective and has to be answered by each individual. Earlier in the article, we presented a quick list of criteria smart players can use to evaluate online casinos in West Virginia against each other.

Do I need to pay taxes on my winnings?

Unfortunately, you will have to pay taxes on your winnings every time you win online in the state of West Virginia.
Tax situations are a bit like snowflakes; no two are exactly alike. For this reason, it is highly recommended that you go to an appropriate tax professional to analyze your particular situation. As a smart player, you will be backed up by professional financial advice. This will also allow you to avoid any nasty and/or unpleasant surprises down the road due to not going due diligence regarding tax laws and how they apply to you, the player.

Can I play at sportsbooks and casinos from West Virginia?

In a word, yes. In fact, at this particular moment in time, there are more sportsbooks than online casinos in the state of West Virginia.
There are no particular limits to West Virginia’s sportsbooks that would interfere with players’ normal enjoyment.
Live poker is also available legally to play online in the state of West Virginia.

Can I receive casino bonuses at West Virginia online casinos?

You can definitely receive online bonuses at online casinos in West Virginia. This includes welcome bonuses, no deposit bonuses, free spins offers, and other promotional offers such as weekly, monthly or seasonal offers.
West Virginia’s online casinos also all offer either VIP or loyalty programs as well, which can also offer significant bonuses to good players.
Finally, the best news is that West Virginia’s casino offers, especially their welcome bonus, tend to be extremely generous by industry standards. This is most probably in an effort to sign up as many new players as possible. Smart players will take advantage of this.

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