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Find real money casino bonuses for all NJ licensed casinos in the following list.

We are currently pending vendor license in New Jersey, you can still access the sites in the list beneath, however they are not affiliated to us in any way.

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New Jersey Casino List
Caesars online casino logo
Casino Bonus 100% up to $2021
No Deposit Bonus -
Payment Methods
Caesars Online Casino

Bonus Code: PLAY2021

Golden Nugget online casino logo
Casino Bonus 100% up to $1500
No Deposit Bonus $10 On Signup
Payment Methods
Golden Nugget Online Casino


Virgin online casino logo
Casino Bonus $100 Cashback
No Deposit Bonus $30 On Signup
Payment Methods
Virgin Online Casino

Bonus Code: 30BUCKS

Tropicana online casino logo
Casino Bonus Loss Rebate up to $100
No Deposit Bonus $25 On Signup
Payment Methods
Tropicana Online Casino

Bonus Code: PLAY25

BetMGM online casino logo
Casino Bonus 100% up to $1000
No Deposit Bonus $25 On Signup
Payment Methods
BetMGM Online Casino


Unibet online casino logo
Casino Bonus 100% up to $750
No Deposit Bonus $10 On Signup
Payment Methods
Unibet Online Casino


New Jersey occupies a unique place in the world of online casinos.

In general, the USA is not a country that’s overly friendly to online casinos. Most states severely restrict online gambling, even in 2021. The state of New Jersey, however, is the most prominent exception. New Jersey online casinos are in fact famous among American online casinos.

A quick history of New Jersey online casinos

Online casinos were burgeoning in the US in general until the year 2006 when Congress passed the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, which didn’t make online gambling illegal, but did prohibit financial institutions from being a part of it.

The state of New Jersey, however, fought back. In 2013, after three years of going back and forth, it passed its own legislation which brought online gaming back to the people once again.

Currently, legal online casinos in New Jersey operate under the umbrellas of seven big Atlantic City brick-and-mortar casinos. However, each of these casinos has the authority to engage in multiple partnerships each with online casinos from all over the world.

Because of this, currently, there are over 20 online casinos that can legally serve New Jersey at the time of this writing. There is also a strong possibility that this amount will continue to increase in the future.

Competition breeds bonuses in New Jersey

Because of this plethora of offerings, bonus offers in New Jersey are often much more generous than they are in neighboring areas, due to vastly increased online competition. This often works out to New Jersey online casino players being able to get five and even ten times more generous offers than those of neighboring Pennsylvania, for example.

It’s not uncommon to find matching bonuses of up to $1000 or more for New Jersey players as online casinos try to entice players to sign up in fierce competition.

Welcome bonus

The most common bonus, and indeed the most important in most cases, is the casino welcome bonus. This bonus naturally lives up to its name. It is designed to get new players on their way to an enjoyable online gaming experience.

Welcome bonuses are a bit like snowflakes; no two are exactly alike. However, most online casino welcome bonuses these days are done as matching deposit bonuses. This means that the casino will give you an amount of bonus money equal to the amount of money you deposit on your first deposit.

Some of these welcome bonus offers will offer three four and even five matching bonuses on your first series of deposits. Usually, minimum deposit amounts of $20 will be required in order to take advantage of an offer like this. Also, wagering requirements and other limits are almost always a condition of these types of offers.

No deposit bonus

The no deposit bonus is another very common form of a welcome bonus, and it deserves its own special section because of its importance. No-deposit bonuses are welcome bonuses that are given to new players even if they don’t deposit any initial money.

These are very common in “no account” sites that work with European platforms such as Trustly. These types of sites are not really available in the US or in New Jersey. However, more traditional online casinos do also offer no deposit bonuses in many cases.

One thing to expect from a no deposit bonus is stricter terms and conditions than those which are found on the other types of welcome bonuses. This is natural and to be expected, since you the player don’t have to do anything on your end, except for maybe open up an account.

It should also be noted that, if you as a player are successful with a no deposit bonus, there is some chance in some circumstances that you will be able to literally make “something out of nothing”.

However, in most cases, you will have to make some sort of a minimum deposit in order to turn that free money into withdrawable money. And, of course, once again, wagering requirements are almost certainly going to be in effect with this type of offer.

High roller bonus

High roller bonuses are special bonuses and are almost always offered on an individual basis.

The way a high roller bonus usually works is that your activity in the casino will be analyzed. Either the algorithm or a real-life person will notice certain characteristics in your online behavior that mark you as a “high roller”.

At that point, you will be contacted with a special “high roller” bonus, designed to reward you in a special way for your continued business.

The actual terms of a high roller bonus are usually quite similar to those of welcome bonuses; they generally come in the form of a matching deposit bonus and are subject to wagering requirements etc.

Live casino bonus

A live casino bonus is very easy to explain. It’s a bonus that is only good for the live casino section of any particular online casino.

Live casino bonuses can vary widely from casino provider to casino provider, but they are usually either free casino money (sometimes also matched or tied to a player’s deposit) or just simply free spins or rounds.

Free spins bonus

Once again, a free spins bonus does exactly what its name implies. You get to spin for free, usually on some sort of online slot.

Free spins bonuses are often tied up with other offers, especially with the welcome bonuses named above. They are especially often part or even the whole of no deposit bonus offers. They are also generally tied to one or a small group of online slots on offer at a particular casino.

Online casinos use free spin offers like this on purpose, because they want to get players, especially new players, to try out certain online slots and get to know them. Often, these are new slots the game companies or the online casinos want to promote.

Here’s a quick list of the top free spins bonuses in New Jersey right now.

How to get a big casino bonus

In New Jersey, this isn’t a difficult task! The best way to do this is to just Google “top casino bonus New Jersey” or something similar and go down the list until you see one that particularly appeals to you.

It’s worth noting that often these “top” bonuses appear to be listed out of order, just by looking at the numbers. This is often because of differences in terms and conditions.

Also, please be aware as a savvy player that often the biggest offers have the most stringent terms and conditions. Always read the offers all the way through, and pay attention to the fine print. This allows you to avoid any unexpected surprises down the line and makes it clear when you will be able to withdraw your winnings etc.

Loyalty programs

There are several types of loyalty programs, but usually, one is simply called a loyalty program. The other is usually called something like a “VIP” program. They are quite similar, however.

The main difference would be in most cases that a loyalty program wouldn’t have a minimum deposit requirement. In general, the requirements for a loyalty program are usually less stringent than that of a VIP program.

A great example of a great loyalty program is one that Golden Nugget offers its New Jersey players, for example.

Multi-tier programs

Both loyalty and VIP programs can be multi-tiered. This means that you can work your way up that ladder of various levels of commitment with their corresponding rewards as your relationship with the casino deepens.

Typical rewards of one of these programs can be

  • Free casino money
  • Free spins
  • More banking options
  • Faster withdrawal times
  • Higher deposit and betting limits
  • Exclusive tailor-made promotional offers and bonuses
  • Access to a personal account manager, bypassing the need to go through regular customer service
  • The ability to negotiate further benefits

Wagering requirements

Wagering requirements are a very important concept to understand when dealing with online casino bonuses. This is because most bonuses will have some sort of a wagering requirement attached to them.

A wagering requirement is expressed as a multiplier, i.e., 30x or 40x. This gives a strong clue as to how they work.

In the simplest terms, a wagering requirement multiplies with the amount of the free casino bonus money given to you as part of a bonus offer. This multiple is the amount of money you have to wager in order to turn your bonus casino money balance into a “real” balance, which can then be withdrawn.

So, for example, if you got $100 in free bonus money with a wagering requirement of 35x, you would have to roll over $3500 in a total of wagers. At that point, the bonus money would be withdrawable.

An average wagering requirement is considered to be from 35x to 40x. A generous requirement would be considered to be from 30x on down. Wagering requirements of less than 25x or more than 40x are quite rare in the industry, however.

Terms & conditions

Terms and conditions are often complicated, and, unfortunately, sometimes in the case of casino bonuses, the terms and conditions are no exception to this.

The wagering requirement, as is described above, is a very common condition of most online casino bonuses, at least the ones that give you free casino money.

Many other common requirements for casino bonuses are:

  • Time limits on the withdrawal of free bonus money
  • Time limits on how long you can take to fulfill the wagering requirement
  • Limits on where the free money can be spent within the online casino
  • Limits on what percentage of money wagered go towards the wagering requirement
  • Minimum deposit amounts and maximum bonus money payouts

Requirements for free spins bonus offers

When you get a free spin offer, almost always it will be tied to one specific game or a limited number of games. This is completely understandable, as online casinos usually use these types of offers to promote specific games. The good news is that there is usually a great reason for them to be promoting said games, and often the free spins will allow you to get acquainted with hot new games coming down the line.


What is a casino bonus?

A casino bonus is an offer to you the player, where you get a certain consideration from the casino. Casino bonuses can take many forms, and terms and conditions may (and almost certainly will) apply.

How do I find the best bonuses?

There is not really a “best” bonus, as individual players have individual tastes and preferences as to what they would like to receive from a casino bonus. The good news is that, as a New Jersey player, you have a lot of different online casinos to choose from. Moreover, they are always competing for more players and offering more and more generous bonuses. Generally, however, you want to look at the terms and conditions of any casino bonus you are considering signing up for. Read the terms and conditions from beginning to end, making sure to read all of the fine print in its entirety. Make sure there are no surprises down the line. That is how you will know which bonuses are the best for you as a player.

Are bigger casino bonuses better?

In a word, not always. This is because the bigger the bonus you receive, it’s normal for there to be more and more restrictions and strings attached to it. As a savvy player, you should look for bonuses that are easy to navigate. These are the ones that usually do the best by players.

Can I keep what I win?

The answer to this question is entirely dependent on the individual situation and the terms of the offer of what you win. Almost always, you can keep what you win, but there may be conditions you have to comply with first. A good example of one such condition would be a wagering requirement, where you have to wager a certain amount of money before bonus winnings become available. Also, in the state of New Jersey, players will indeed have to pay tax on their winnings, so this is something you as a player will have to account for.

When can I withdraw my winnings?

In most online casinos operating in New Jersey, you can withdraw your winnings right away, with some exceptions. The chief exception is when they are winnings won with free casino money. In many cases, there is a waiting period and possibly other requirements to withdraw these winnings, as per the above FAQ question. Depending on your withdrawal method, it can be instantaneous, or take several business days for the money to appear on your side.

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