Online Casinos in the State of Michigan

Here you can find the best list of online casinos licensed by the state of Michigan.

We are currently pending vendor license in Michigan, you can still access the sites in the list beneath, however they are not affiliated to us in any way.

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Michigan Casino List
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In the state of Michigan, online casinos are a very new thing. They have been around for less than two years, the legislation allowing them to exist having only just been passed in December of the year 2019.

This means that there is still lots of room for this industry to expand. As competition increases, online casinos in the state of Michigan are bound to just get better and better for players.

There are currently nine legal online casinos in play in Michigan at the time of this writing, with lots of room for more at this time.

Legal casinos in Michigan

At the time of this writing, there are currently 26 brick and mortar casinos in Michigan.

This is extremely important under the current legal framework. Each of these casinos has the exclusive legal right to partner with one online casino provider, or to build their own online casino if they so choose.

Three of these 26 brick-and-mortar casinos are located within Detroit. These three casinos quickly stuck deals with third-party providers and are up and running.

The other 23 casinos of the brick and mortar variety within Michigan are run by indigenous people on their own lands. Some of them have struck deals with third parties, others have not. Still, others are in the process of making their own online casinos.

The list of legal casinos currently operating in Michigan

  • Bet MGM (in partnership with the MGM Grand Detroit)
  • Points Bet (in partnership with the Northern Waters Casino)
  • Draft Kings Online Casino (in partnership with the Bay Mills Resorts and Casino)
  • Fan Duel Casino (in partnership with the Motor City Casino)
  • Bet America (in partnership with the Island Resort and Casino)
  • Golden Nugget (in partnership with Ojibwa Casinos)
  • Bet Rivers (in partnership with the Little River Casino Resort)

Online casinos in Michigan planned for the near future

  • Penn National Gaming (in partnership with the Greektown Casino)
  • Parx (in partnership with the Gun Lake Casino)
  • GAN (in partnership with the Kewadin Casino Properties)

Other details of the recent gambling legislation

The legal age for gambling in Michigan in brick and mortar casinos is either 21 or 18. The legal minimum age of 18 is in the case of certain casinos on indigenous lands.

Online casinos will have the same minimum age requirements as their respective brick and mortar counterparts do, meaning either 18 or 21, depending on the individual case.

Online casinos will also have to pay tax at the same rate that brick and mortar casinos do in Michigan. This means that their revenue is taxed at 19 percent. Sports betting is taxed at 8.4 percent, with an additional 1.2 percent tax levied on casinos physically located within the city of Detroit.

The new legislation created the Michigan Gaming and Control Board, which will be the body responsible for all regulation, licensing, and conflict resolution in the gambling industry within the state of Michigan.

Recent developments in legal gambling in Michigan

Sports betting was also illegal for the longest time in the state of Michigan, but that has also changed with the recent legislation.

Michigan’s first legal sports bet took place at Detroit’s MGM Grand in person on Mar. 2020, and online sports betting and casino gambling launched on Jan. 22, 2021, followed by online poker a week later. Both DraftKings and FanDuel are also now authorized to operate legally within Michigan.

How to choose the best Michigan casino

The best way to choose which casino is right for you if you are a Michigan player is to decide which things are most important to you individually. Once you, as a savvy player, understand fully what your criteria are, you can then begin to determine which of the available casinos fit that criteria best.

A short list of criteria for Michigan casinos

  • How important are bonuses to you as a player? Many players don’t care much either way about bonuses; others live for them. Decide for yourself on a scale of 1 to 10 how important bonuses are to you
  • What kinds of bonuses are you as a player looking for? Are you partial to free spins offers to get to know new games? Do you like high-number matching bonuses which will guarantee you loads of playing time, and possibly big wins?
  • Does the casino have a loyalty program or a VIP program of any sort? What kind of terms do they offer for this? Is this in line with what you as a player are looking for?
  • How important is the variety of games to you? Corollary to variety, how much do you as a player value unique content in an online casino? Sometimes quality is not the same thing as quality. Also, important are the game providers with which an online casino works. If you have a favorite gaming provider or several, make sure your prospective online Michigan casino partners with this provider or these providers.
  • Do you have a vastly preferred payment method? Once again, it’s necessary to do basic due diligence and make sure that the payment methods allowed or provided by an online casino you are interested in. Once again, there is a corollary to this. Please make sure to be a smart player and understand your online casino’s policy on deposit and withdrawal times. This may make you want to change your payment method.
  • Do you like the site’s theme, graphics, animations?
  • Does the online casino you are looking at have a good live casino section? Do they have the live games you want to play?
  • Does the online casino have a sportsbook attached to it, if you are so inclined to play sports online?

Another great strategy is for players to directly email online casinos with suggestions. For example, if a casino has a lot of points in its favor, but is missing something important to you, let them know!

Most of the time, online casino providers are incredibly sensitive to their customer’s needs and will take the time to read reasonable requests and take them into due consideration.

This is often a way by which a player can influence things to get the best of all the worlds and enjoy a casino very close to their dream casino for online play in Michigan.

Pros and cons of playing at a Michigan casino

The pros at this moment seem to outweigh the cons of being able to gamble in Michigan right now, compared to other places in the United States:


  • Michigan bonuses are very generous
  • Michigan offers a wide range of gambling options, wider than in most other US states
  • Playing within Michigan is very safe and secure, especially compared to offshore casinos
  • It’s always recommended to follow the law and do things legally


  • Taxes are high in legal Michigan casinos
  • Selection is still somewhat limited, with only nine casinos available legally at this time

As has been briefly stated above, the selection has lots of room to grow legally, and is likely to explode in the near future: Therefore, the pros will more and more being to greatly outweigh the cons of Michigan casinos.

Playing at a Michigan online casino

Aside from the actual selection of online casinos legally available, the experience of online gaming in Michigan is much the same as it would be anywhere else in the world.

Since there are no restrictions whatsoever on what kind of games can be on offer, players can and should expect to see the full repertoire of games available on online casinos as they would see anywhere else in the world.

Important for global-level casinos

This is especially important for casinos that already have a worldwide presence and do business in several countries. These are casinos like, for example, DraftKings, FanDuel, or Golden Nugget.

Casinos that will be custom-built for the Michigan market may very well be a totally different story. It remains to be seen what type of model they will follow. It’s entirely possible that they will go for a “Costco” or “Walmart” type approach, where they will offer people in Michigan a little bit of everything they can. Or, it’s also possible that they will try and tailor-make a casino for Michigan interests, picking and choosing what they think will be most popular with their player base.

However, there is one main area in which Michigan casinos differ from casinos in other parts of the United States or of the world: online casino bonuses

Michigan online casino bonuses

Again, there is good news here for Michigan online casino players.

Michigan’s online casino bonuses, at the time of this writing, seem to be among the biggest and best bonuses out of any seen in the USA to date.

For example, DraftKings is currently offering up to $1500 in a matching deposit offer. This is an eye-popping welcome bonus sure to make prospective players flock to their online casino and get started. BetMGM is not far behind, with a $1000 matching deposit bonus offer.

Stars Online Casino, a new and unique provider with fresh new ideas, has an interesting “instant bonus” offer, where players can bet as little as $1 and get up to $50 in return for free casino bonus money. The best part of this interesting offer is that it’s good for any game whatsoever within Stars Online.

The Stars Online Casino offer would be a great offer to take up for a player who’s just getting his or her feet wet in online casinos in Michigan. In terms of risk for return, it is very generous, more generous than almost any other offer.

We can imagine these bonuses to even get more generous and offer better terms in the near future, as, within the next year or so, many other competitors are sure to aggressively enter the market. This will surely drive competition between online casinos in Michigan up to a new level.

What to play at Michigan casinos

The following section is a quick list of what people can play at online casinos in Michigan. It is offered primarily for new and prospective players in Michigan, who may just now be getting into the iGaming world due to its recently being made legal.

Online slots

These are just online versions of famous slot machines. They often have an adventure, Ancient Egyptian, or fruit-based themes.

Many of them feature jackpots, often progressive jackpots shared between several slots. These jackpots build and build until they are won.

There are also new variations of online slots, such as the famous Megaways slots, which are volatile and often offer many different ways to pay out, sometimes mind-bogglingly going well into the millions.

Video poker

These games are recreations of the classic video poker games that started to appear all over the world in brick and mortar casinos in the 1980s. There are a bunch of different variations as well of these classic games.

In video poker, you don’t play against others or against the computer, but rather you play against a paytable. You will get payouts depending on how good your hand is.

Table games

Table games started out as online versions of brick and mortar casino games that have been popular in many cases for centuries, or even in some form for millennia.

The most popular table games are blackjack, baccarat, and roulette. All of these, of course, have tons of variations that are worth reading upon. Different players will tend to grow to love different variations, in line with their personalities.

Many online casinos also allow betting on popular board games, like Monopoly, for example. It is also possible to find a lot of unique and interesting offers for table games in different online casinos if you want to look for them.

Of course, these are all games where you are playing with a computer. Some people prefer the thrill of having a live dealer for these types of games, which brings us to:

Live casinos and poker

Live casinos have indeed come to Michigan, with several online casino providers already having their live casino sections up and running for the Michigan market. Right now, however, the live casino offerings in Michigan, as can be seen, are limited to table games.

This means, in more certain terms, that players in Michigan will have the option to play blackjack, roulette, and baccarat, but not live poker, because of the fact that poker requires you to play against other players.

So, unfortunately, Michigan players will still have to wait a little while, at least, before being able to play live poker on a registered online casino.

Also, many players may want to bet online but are not interested so much in traditional casino offerings. They may prefer to bet on sports:

Sportsbooks at Michigan online casinos

Michiganders are notorious sports fans, perhaps due to their unique geographic location. They are famous for having a voracious appetite for just about every popular sport there is. Their proximity to the Canadian border (Canada is just one small river away from southeastern Michigan) makes them strong fans of hockey, for example.

Therefore, it’s great news for people in Michigan that sports betting is now officially allowed, both at brick and mortar casinos and online.

Once again, now that the legal situation has been resolved, people in Michigan will be able to have every bit of the same rich online sports betting experience anybody else in the world can access.

This means, in more detail, people in the state of Michigan will be able to access spreads and over/under and any other standard sports betting rubrics used all over the world. They will also be able to bet on major sports and esports events the world over, the same as anybody else anywhere else on the globe.

Gaming from a mobile device in Michigan

All of the currently operating online casinos in Michigan (the ones listed above) have either apps for mobile devices or mobile-optimized interfaces for their websites ready to go.

These days, mobile-optimized interfaces are more and more becoming the norm with savvy and up-to-date online casino providers. This is because many people feel like they already have too many apps on their phones and don’t want to install another one. Players in Michigan can expect to go on their mobile devices and get every bit of the same smooth experience they would expect from gambling on their desktops.

This is very important for players and providers alike because the trend towards mobile gaming is the strongest trend in the modern online gaming industry. In most cases, there is also the same variety of games available on mobile devices as there is available in other versions of an online casino provider, with very few exceptions.

Conclusions regarding Michigan casinos

Because this is such a brand new segment of the industry, it is considered by many to be one full of promise and explosive growth potential. While the heavy tax burden placed on the industry could be a concern for some, it appears to be flourishing, regardless.

As a consumer, this is a boon for many online players especially. People had unfortunately often taken to playing illegally at a number of unregulated offshore gaming sites. Often, when there was a problem, these players had no recourse. In general, this legislation is to be applauded, as it now offers players a safe and legal alternative for online gaming in Michigan.

At this moment, the future of online gaming in Michigan is looking brighter and brighter by the day, as new deals are stuck with licensed casino providers, and the industry grows both in size and competitiveness.


This FAQ contains a few of the more common questions regarding legal online gaming within the state of Michigan:

Are Michigan casinos legal?

Yes, they are, since the year 2019. You must be 21 to legally play in most cases, although some casinos will accept players as young as 18 years of age. Also, you must be physically located within the state of Michigan in order to play for real money – geolocation software ensures this via online access. The Lawful Internet Gaming Act, or HB4311, is the law that legalized online gambling in Michigan.

Can I play from outside Michigan?

Yes, but you can not play for free money. If you have an account and, for example, are a passenger in a car and cross from Michigan to another state, all games will automatically revert to demo mode.

What is the best Michigan casino?

This is a subjective question with no definitive answer. Generally, however, the answer will be found within this Top 5 list of best casinos in the state of Michigan. Beyond that, the answer will depend almost entirely on your own personal preference.

Do I need to pay taxes on my winnings?

Yes, you will have to pay taxes on all your winnings. Currently, winnings are taxed at the same rate other capital gains are taxed at in Michigan, which is 4.25 percent. It’s important to consult with a tax professional licensed to practice in Michigan if you have any doubts about your personal tax situation. We highly recommend that you do so to avoid potentially unpleasant surprises.

Can I play at sportsbooks and casinos from Michigan?

Yes, you can play at both online sportsbooks and online casinos within the state of Michigan. This is assuming that you choose a casino from the list of casinos approved to operate in Michigan. Sportsbooks are definitely an option, though.

Can I get bonuses at Michigan casinos?

Yes, of course, there will be bonuses available if you are playing from Michigan. Also, of course, these bonuses will be unique to Michigan players, as opposed to players from other states, or from other countries. In many cases, the bonuses may even be unique to you as a player. Michigan’s online casino bonuses are famously generous, especially when compared to most of their counterparts, both within the United States and all over the world.

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