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With online gambling legalized in 2021, the Connecticut online gaming scene is on the rise. This means that there are a growing number of different online casinos and sportsbooks offering their services to players within the state. As competition increases between the casinos, there is a need to stand out. In order to do this, online casinos offer a range of different bonuses to their prospective players.

One type of bonus is free spins. Keep reading to discover all you need to know about Connecticut free spins and how you can claim them.

What are free spins?

Free spins are one of the most popular bonus options available to players. This bonus can come in a range of different forms, which we will outline below. In short, though, free spins are simply spins awarded to the player. These are always attached to a specific slot game and must be played on that slot in order to be claimed properly.

The value of free spins such as these is usually the minimum bet permitted on the slot they are eligible for. However, players would do well to keep an eye out for super spins as there are some free spins that will have higher wagering values making them better value for money.

As more new casinos arrive in Connecticut, there will be many different options available. It’s therefore worthwhile looking to see which games casinos award free spins for, whether they are set at the minimum bet, and even how many free spins are awarded at any one time.

How to claim a free spins bonus

Depending on the type of free spins being claimed, there are different ways for players to get their hands on them. That being said, one of the most common ways players in Connecticut can claim free spins is usually at the start when signing up to the casino.

When players choose where they want to play, they will then have to make a casino account. This involves being within the state of Connecticut and allowing the casino’s geolocation software to confirm this. Once this is done, players will need to add in all their personal information accurately in order to create their accounts. The final step is to verify the account and confirm that all information is accurate.

At this point, it will be time to claim the free spins bonus. Depending on the casino players will need to either input a code, check a box to accept the bonus, or do nothing at all! The way to claim the bonus will differ across sites.

However, once the bonus has been claimed, the free spins will be added instantly to the player’s account. Heading to the eligible slot game will see the spins put into action. Though, players will always be asked via a popup whether they want to use the free spins or their own credit before the spins will be activated for the game.

Different types of free spins

There are a couple of different types of free spins bonuses that players will come across when playing in Connecticut’s casinos, such as DraftKings and FanDuel. We will outline the differences below:

Free spins no deposit

Arguably, the no deposit free spins bonus is the most sought-after option. That is because this option does not require risk from the player’s side of things. With this type of free spins bonus, players simply need to be new to the casino and signing up with a new account. There is no need to make a deposit to claim the free spins. Instead, once the new account has been verified, the free spins will be awarded automatically.

The number of free spins awarded with this type of no deposit free spins bonus is usually small though.

Match deposit free spins

The most commonly found free spins bonus is the match deposit bonus. This comes in a variety of different forms. Generally, though, it is part of a welcome offer to new players. In order to claim it, players will need to make a minimum deposit to be eligible. Often, this type of deposit also comes with a match deposit bankroll boost.

While it is a little riskier to take on this bonus as players do have to put in some of their own money, there are benefits too. This is in the number of spins that are awarded. With a match deposit free spins bonus, players are often awarded 100 or more free spins to use which is well worth it. Some casinos will award as many as 250 free spins.

Existing customer free spins

Free spins are not just for those players who are new to the casino. Players who choose to stick around may also be rewarded with existing customer-free spins. The number of spins and the regularity with which they are awarded does depend on each Connecticut casino. Often, this type of bonus will be awarded weekly on a specific day. However, players will need to make a minimum deposit on the day in order to be eligible. Again, the number of free spins awarded does vary between the different casinos.

Loyalty free spins

Finally, many online casinos have created and developed loyalty programs. These usually kick in automatically as soon as a player starts making real money bets at the casino. Points are awarded for each dollar spent on a game and these points gradually build up. Once players hit a certain number of points, they can exchange these points for rewards which often include some free spins.

Maximize your casino bonus

When taking on a bonus at a Connecticut online casino, it’s important that you make the most of it. There’s no point taking it on and then not using it properly. With that in mind, here are some steps to take to make sure the free spins bonus is utilized to full effect.

First, players should make sure they choose free spins that are attached to a quality slot game. Some slots have a higher RTP, which means they are more likely to pay out over a set period of time. It’s also a good idea to check out the volatility level of a slot and choose free spins attached to a low variance game. These low variance games will payout a little each time, but they will payout regularly helping to maintain the bankroll.

Second, it’s important to see how many free spins are being awarded. The greater the number of free spins a casino is handing out, the better chance players have of making the most out of them.

Third, players should keep an eye out for no deposit free spins out of all the options. This is because they are completely risk-free and give the player a chance to check out games without investing their own money. By taking on this type of free spins bonus, players can learn how the slot works and plays. It’s also a good way to get a feel for the casino itself too.

Finally, but most importantly, players need to take a look at the terms and conditions attached to the free spins bonus. These terms and conditions can make a huge difference in the efficacy of a bonus and whether players can actually withdraw some winnings or not.

Read the terms & conditions

This is, without doubt, the more important thing to think about when claiming free spins in Connecticut. Each casino has its own terms and conditions. Failing to abide by them can be the difference between walking away with a win or leaving with nothing.

In this section, we will take a look at the most important things to look for when taking on a free spins bonus at a Connecticut online casino.

Beware of wagering requirements

The most important thing is the wagering or play-through requirements. This refers to the number of times any winnings from a bonus need to be played through. The lower these requirements are, the better it is. This is because there is more chance for the player to actually meet them. With higher wagering requirements, players are less likely to be able to achieve this, thus losing their winnings before they can claim them.

Good wagering requirements should be 30x or less. Anything higher than that should be avoided as they are generally never going to be reached. In fact, players should keep an eye out for any casino offering wagering-free free spins as any wins from these will be able to be claimed instantly.

That being said, even with wagering requirements, taking on some free spins is never a bad thing. Even if there is no monetary gain from them, players will still earn valuable experience.

Time frame

All free spins do have a time frame as well. The most important time frame to look for is how long the player has to use the free spins before they are removed from their account. Often, free spins are awarded for 24 hours only. After this is up, if they have not been used, players will lose them. In some cases, players will need to log in each day in order to claim them too. Some sites do have longer time frames though, giving players up to a month in which to use the free spins.

Time frames also refer to the number of times players have to complete the wagering requirements. Again, this varies from casino to casino but can be as short as a week or as long as three months.

Eligible games

Finally, players need to make sure that they are playing the right games. First, the free spins are usually only accessible on a single slot game. In fact, it’s impossible to use the free spins on any game other than the one they are linked to.

However, when it comes to fulfilling wagering requirements, there are eligible games here too. Generally, all slots will count toward the wagering requirements meaning players can use winnings from their free spins on more games. But, not all games will count toward them. Often, virtual table games will only partially contribute to the wagering requirements, with live or video poker games not counting at all.


Can I win real money with free spins?Β 

Yes, you can. When you win using free spins, you are winning real cash not virtual cash. This means that, theoretically, you can withdraw these winnings. You will need to adhere to wagering requirements if you plan to do so though.

How long do free spins usually last?

This is dependent on the casino and the number of free spins you have been awarded. Many casinos will award free spins that have to be used within a 24-hour period. Other casinos will award free spins that can be used up in a longer period, sometimes up to 30 days. Due to these vast differences, it is important for players to read the bonus terms and conditions of each casino.

Can I withdraw all my winnings on free spins?

Yes, in theory. Again though, this depends on whether you have met the wagering requirements before you request a withdrawal. It will also depend on whether the bonus is sticky or non-sticky.

Which slots can I play with my free spins bonus?

Each casino will differ regarding which slots you can play with your free spins. You will need to check which game or games are eligible at the casino you are playing at.

Do I need a code to claim free spins?

Some, but not all, Connecticut casinos will require you to use a bonus code to claim the free spins. Some will be awarded automatically and others will need you to opt-in by checking a box.

What is a no deposit free spins bonus?

This is a bonus awarded to players simply for signing up. Players do not need to make any deposit in order to claim. The free spins will simply be added to your account automatically.

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