Online Casinos in the State of Connecticut

Here you can find the best list of online casinos licensed by the state of Connecticut.

We are currently pending vendor license in Connecticut, you can still access the sites in the list beneath, however they are not affiliated to us in any way.

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Connecticut Casino List

Online casinos are well on their way to conquering the state of Connecticut.

Connecticut’s residents can soon enjoy a great selection of online casino games, such as slots, table games, live dealer games, but also poker, sportsbooks, and daily fantasy sports games.

They can also get juicy bonuses and choose from a selection of payment methods.

However, the increase of online casinos in Connecticut has raised some issues as well.

Such issues are which online casinos are trustworthy, where can a player make more money, what are the withdrawal times, etc.

If you find yourself wondering about all these things, then look no further.

You can find more information about the best and most reliable online casinos in Connecticut below.

Hand-picked online casinos

While the online casino industry is thriving, there have been some serious questions regarding their legality.

It wasn’t until recently that online casinos in Connecticut were legalized.

So, players are suspicious when it comes to playing casino games online, and with good reason.

Over the years, many frauds and rigged games have been revealed.

However, you do not need to worry because we have selected a variety of legal online casino games for you to play and several games that the online casinos in Connecticut have to offer.

Legal casinos in Connecticut

Online casinos in Connecticut are legal.

But they have to follow certain state rules in order to have the license to function.

To begin with, they are related to the two Native American Tribes of Connecticut that own casinos, the Mashantucket Pequot and the Mohegan.

These two control all gambling activities across the state and own the two most respectable casinos of Connecticut, Foxwoods Resort and Mohegan Sun.

The tribes have already come to terms with iGaming and have launched two online casino apps, DraftKings and FanDuel.

These two applications are the only legal online casinos so far in Connecticut.

If there is someone else that wants to have a legal casino in the area, he needs to come to an agreement with one of the two tribes.

Thus, if you come across an online casino, and you realize that it does not belong, or it does not have a transparent agreement with one of the two tribes, it is illegal.

However, there are other ways too to check an online casino’s legality.

These ways apply to all online casinos, no matter their location.

The first thing you can do is to check the casino’s licenses.

When an online casino is transparent about its licenses and its providers, you have nothing to fear.

Moreover, you should always check the owners of the casino.

Be it an individual or more often a company, the name of the owner always provides safety because the players know with whom they are dealing.

Besides, an online casino always tries to have a brand identity so that it can stand out from its competitors.

Parts of this brand identity are the owners and the licenses.

Online casinos in Connecticut have gone through all the necessary control processes regarding their law obligation, banking systems, software providers, gaming, etc.

All this information should always be easily accessible on the casino’s website.

Despite that online casinos are legal, there are some conditions that you need to meet if you want to start playing and placing your bets.

First of all, your physical location must be in Connecticut.

It does not mean that you have to be an actual resident of Connecticut.

You can be a visitor as well.

But when you choose to play in an online casino in Connecticut, you have to provide your location to the casino when signing up.

You will have to download a specific location plugin to your Wi-Fi and up to three other networks that will give your exact location to the casino.

If you are playing from your phone, you need to have your location on, so that it can be visible to the casino.

You do not need to download plugins for your phone.

Actually, you can create your account from anywhere in the world, but you need to be in Connecticut if you want to start gambling.

Gambling at Connecticut online casinos

Gambling can be very addictive.

When a player gambles uncontrollably, he risks losing all his private property and belongings, or even get into jail.

In order to prevent this from happening, the state of Connecticut has established very strict rules.

The protection of the people in Connecticut from such troubles is the state’s number one priority.

All online gambling happens under the control of the Connecticut Gaming Division, which sets the rules below.

First and foremost, you are allowed to play in an online casino if you are not 21 years old or older.

While creating your account, you will have to provide legitimate evidence, such as an ID, to prove your age.

If you get caught that you are lying, you will be banned.

You will risk paying a huge fine or even go to jail.

Nonetheless, 18-year-olds have the ability to play Connecticut’s lottery, parimutuel options, and sealed tickets.

Some games, such as bingo and raffles, do not have any age requirements.

Furthermore, you must not be on any restricted lists in any casino in Connecticut.

This restriction concerns regular casinos as well.

If you are, you will not be able to create an account and play online.

The reason behind this is to keep cheaters away, but also it is an effort to reduce gambling addiction.

The reason you were put on a restricted list is not important.

All it matters is that you are not in one.

Last but not least, all casinos have maximum deposit and withdrawal limits.

Therefore, you can’t bet huge amounts of money.

Although this might be frustrating, especially if you are winning, it is a measure that protects you from losing everything.

Gambling can be profitable, but do not get carried away.

It is a means to have fun, not become rich.

Choosing the best Connecticut online casinos

If you are looking for online casinos in Connecticut, there is a list of factors that you should take into account before signing up for one.

Nonetheless, it can be annoying if you have to compare all online casinos side by side by yourself.

So, we provide you with an extensive list of the best online casinos in Connecticut.

We take into consideration various factors, and we keep all comparisons in one place, so it is easier for you to find what you are looking for.

The most important thing we check is the safety measures.

That is, we check the owners, the licenses, the software providers, and if the casinos work under the regulations of the state.

When this information raises up to our standards, we check what system a casino uses to protect their players’ sensitive information, including bank accounts and all the financial transactions.

Pros and cons of Connecticut online casinos


  • There is a great variety of games available. These include slots, table casino games, and poker.
  • You have a variety of payment methods. All casinos accept Visas and Mastercards. They also accept several eWallets, prepaid and gift cards, and several cryptocurrencies as well.


  • Your location must be within the Connecticut borders.
  • The number of online casinos is still small. So far, there are only two online casinos available for people in Connecticut.
  • Sportbooks are not available. Even though sportsbooks are legal in Connecticut, you cannot place a sports bet online. You have to visit a regular casino and place your bet in person.

Connecticut casino bonuses

Online casinos in Connecticut understand the importance of a good bonus.

It is what a player will look for before signing up.

Naturally, the best bonuses a casino gives, the more players it has.

Therefore, they all offer the bonuses below, but each casino has different perks.

Welcome bonuses

Welcome bonuses or free bonuses are the most common in online casinos.

Casinos offer them to new players to attract them in signing up.

Online bonuses are usually small amounts, even though there are cases when the welcome bonus is quite big without being combined with another bonus.

But if you get a normal welcome bonus, and you combine it with other bonuses and promotions for new users, you might end up with a free juicy amount of money.

Once you grab yours, it will appear on your account as credits or as free dollars, so that you can redeem them in most, if not all, games.

Deposit bonuses

This is another popular form of bonus.

The casino matches a portion or even the total of your deposit to credits.

To be more simple, the casino gives you a bonus depending on your deposit.

However, be careful when you meet big deposit bonuses.

Always read the terms because you might not meet able to meet them.

For instance, an online casino might offer a deposit bonus of 100% for $200, but it requires you to wager 10x.

This means that you have to bet $2000 before receiving the bonus.

So, always read thoroughly the conditions of these bonuses.

Insurance bonus

The insurance bonus or risk-free bonus is what you get if you have losses at a game.

This does not apply to all cases though.

It might be available for losses that happened at a specific time of the day or for a specific game.

Also, the bonus might compensate you for a portion of your losses, not necessarily for the whole amount.

It depends on the number of your losses.

For instance, new players of FunDuel can take advantage of the risk-free day for up to $1,000.

The insurance bonus in Connecticut online casinos also applies only to net losses.

If you manage to recover by yourself from the loss, you will not receive the bonus.

Despite the strict rules of this bonus, in the end, it can be very helpful.

Rewards system

This is another feature of many online casinos.

They reward their regular players by helping them play more and gain more for free.

It usually works like this:

Upon your registration to the casino, you automatically join the loyalty program.

So, every time you play a game, you collect loyalty points.

These points can take the form of credits or cash in your casino account balance.

When you collect enough, you redeem them for free rounds or discounts in all the games the casino offers.

Since it is a free service, it is a shame not to use it.

Refer a friend bonus

Well, this bonus is no surprise.

You can find it in many applications, not only in online casinos.

Online casinos use it to attract more customers since the industry is filled with competitors and everyone wants to stand out.

In all cases, your friends need to sign up before you get your bonus.

Have you heard of the more, the merrier?

It applies here as well.

The more friends you bring, the more bonuses you get.

Sometimes, your friends get a bonus as well for accepting your invitation.

So, if you have someone who wants to join, do not miss out on this opportunity.

Free spins

This is another bonus that is available in many online casinos.

Usually, when you purchase a package deal, you get extra free spins.

Note that the free spins are not for all games though.

Also, any profits that you might acquire from free spins could be subjected to other wagering requirements.

Do not expect to flow in cash with free spins.

They are only a little extra that you can play around with in various games.

What to play at Connecticut casinos

The available online casinos in Connecticut might be few, but their variety of games is actually pretty decent.

DraftKings and FunDuel applications are up-to-date with all the popular games you enjoy at Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun.

They cooperate with the best software and game providers so that nothing is missing, and you can have a pleasant experience from the comfort of your couch.

So, you will find a great selection of slots.

Slots are very famous across all US regular casinos, as well as online casinos.

There are many varieties for you to play and the gameplay is just as easy as in any regular casino.

Live table games and poker

You will also find popular live table games, such as Blackjack, roulette, and baccarat.

In addition, you can play video poker too!

All games follow the casino regulations, so you do not have to follow any specific rules.

You can enjoy your regular baccarat game live!

However, if you are feeling that you do not want to play the classic version of these games, you can opt for a variation, as there are many available for each table game.

One of the best features is that when you play online table games, you can join whatever table you want because there is no waiting line.

Moreover, even though there is a minimum bet you have to make, it is not nearly as high as in the table games at regular casinos.

Live dealer games

The live dealer games are a category that not all online casinos offer.

Nevertheless, you will find it in the aforementioned Connecticut online casinos, DraftKings and FunDuel.

When you play a live dealer game, it is like playing the game physically in a casino.

There is a real dealer that runs the game.

You also have the ability to talk to the dealer or the players live or on a specific time feed.

The live dealer games are quicker than the regular table games at physical casinos because there are no chips to shamble.

But they are not as fast as the purely online games, because the dealer still spins the roulette or deals cards.

Sportsbooks at Connecticut online casinos

Unfortunately, this option is not available yet at Connecticut online casinos.

If you wish to place sports bets, you have to visit in person FanDuel Sportsbook at Mohegan Sun and DraftKings Sportsbook at Foxwoods.

However, it is an issue in the process.

Soon we will have more information about online sportsbooks.


Are online casinos legal in Connecticut?

Yes, as a matter of fact, they are totally legal. Of course, they need to have certain licenses to be able to function. Plus they have to follow the state rules. If an online casino does not fulfill these requirements, it is illegal, and you should not use it.

Do I have to be in Connecticut to play?

Yes, you have to be. The location requirement is very strict. At the time of your playing, you have to be in Connecticut. However, you do not have to be a permanent resident, you can be a visitor or a tourist.

Do I have to pay taxes on my earnings?

Yes, you do.

Can I get bonuses at Connecticut online casinos?

Yes, you can. Read the Connecticut casino bonuses section to find out more about the available bonuses.

The online casinos in Connecticut are so few. Do they provide a large selection of games?

Yes, they do. There might only be two online casinos available so far, but their selection of games is very decent. Please refer to the What to play at Connecticut casinos section of this article to find out more about the available games.

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