Ad Policy

Ad Policy

GamblersUSA provides a free service to compare gambling operator offers.

We, the company behind monetize the website with affiliate links provided by the licensed gambling operators that are being promoted on the website.

GamblersUSA is a vendor that gets a commission paid for new depositing customers sent through our portal who reach a certain threshold of deposits.

How it works

To make an example:

Visitors on our website we call: X

Licensed operators that are listed on our site we call: Y

And us, the operator affiliate we call: Z

X visits Z and gets referred to Y.

Y then pays Z a fixed amount for every X who made a deposit to them over a certain threshold.

If you have any additional questions about our ad policy you are welcome to contact us at

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GamblersUSA was founded in 2021 by a team of online casino enthusiasts that have over four decades worth of iGaming industry experience.


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