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Gamblers USA

Welcome to Gamblers USA, the home for American gamblers looking to play at online casinos, poker rooms, online bingo, slots and sportsbooks.

The introduction of the Safe Port Act legislation in 2006 has caused a lot of confusion for residents of the USA. This web site hopes to achieve some form of clarification regarding this issue. It would be fair to say from the outset that the law was introduced to stop financial transactions to online gaming web sites and not to criminalize individuals who's wish to gamble online.

That being said the confusion continues because each state in America has their own angle on this issue. This has resulted in online gambling being split into three different areas.

1. Gambling web sites that do not accept any players residing in the USA. This includes residents who may try and play from another County while on vacation or working overseas due to credit and debit card address details.

2. Gambling web sites with restrictions that accept USA players as long as they are not residing in the 11 states of Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Michigan, Nevada, New York, New Jersey, Oregon, South Dakota, Washington, and Wisconsin.

3. Gambling web sites that accept USA players with no restrictions.

All the major International gambling networks chose option 1 to protect themselves in the confusion. The medium size gambling operators chose option 2 while the smaller gambling networks chose to accept USA players...period.

This web site focuses on options 2 and 3 and provides a list of US online casinos, poker rooms, slots, bingo and sportsbooks that have either restrictions or no restrictions at all. The list in RED on the left is for gambling web sites with NO RESTRICTIONS while the BLUE list to the right lists the gambling web sites WITH RESTRICTIONS.

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USA player friendly web sites with restrictions


The information on this web sites is for guidance only and we do not encourage any individual to break the law. The gambling laws may change and the laws in an individual state may have changed since this information was published. With this in mind we request that you consult your state governing body or to consult your nearest federal office for some updated guidance regarding gambling online.

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